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Tampa, Florida   33614
Phone:  (813) 888-9351
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Mike Kohanyi: Cell Phone: (813) 744-1173
President, CTO Email:

Mike Kohanyi has a wide array of technical experience as well as website development and design.  As our President and Chief Technical Officer he trouble shoots our difficult projects and advises us and our clients about software and hardware needs.  In short, he is our go-to person for solutions to any type of problem, helping make Suncoast Web Gallery a success.

Donna Kohanyi: Cell Phone: (813) 744-1173
Graphic Design

Donna has over 30 years of diverse and high level experience
in business, with several years experience in graphic design, computer programming, database design, system implementation and web design and development.  As our Graphic Design Manager, she defines the graphics that are best suited to the client and complimentary to their image.

Kim Cole:
Design and

Kim Cole has the ability to get into the heart of your business, discovering your overall style, what you and your business are all about, and the image and information you want to relay to your customers.  As our Design and Development Supervisor, she brings together all the pieces that lay out the blueprint of the navigational structure of the site. 


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