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:: Website Planning and Design
:: Static Web Page Design
:: Flash Animation
:: Interactive Forms
:: E-commerce
:: Domain Name (URL) Purchase
:: Search Engine Registration  
:: Website Hosting  
:: Website Promotion  
:: Website Re-Engineering  
:: Website Maintenance  
:: Audio & Video Web Presentations
:: Searchable Databases



We also offer a variety of computer maintenance and
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Website Planning and Design:
In the initial consultation, we get into the heart of you and your business.  We discover your overall style, including color preferences, any competitor sites that particularly caught your attention, what you and your business are all about and the image and information you want to relay to your visitors.

After the initial consultation, we create a custom mockup for your site, similar to a magazine cover, which will give you a feel for the overall look.  It is custom designed to compliment the client's image and to ease navigation, with the best fit, style, tones, words and format for providing an interesting, informational experience for the user.  This process is usually the most lengthy because it's so personal, and your final decision will reflect the "Look 'n Feel" and functionality of your entire site.

Upon approval of the final mockup, we provide a custom proposal which will include the Information Architecture (IA), a blueprint of the navigational structure of the website.  Once the IA is approved, we begin the development phase of the project.

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Static Web Page Design:
A 'static', sometimes called informational web page, primarily conveys any type of 'static' information, using text, graphics and photos.

This most common variety of web page is the least expensive to build and downloads rapidly, which is advantageous to users without high speed internet connections.

When designing your static web pages, we emphasize simplicity and ease of navigation.   Working within your budget, we design each page to be aesthetically pleasing, understandable, easy to navigate and complimentary to your site.

Prior to making them LIVE on the website, the individual pages are submitted to you for review and/or changes until you are 100% satisfied.

This process may take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month or more, depending on the input from you, the size of the website and the complexity of each page.

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Flash Animation:
Flash animation is becoming an increasingly popular way to present a wide amount of information in an attention getting, animated story format, with pictures, special effects and sound.

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Interactive Forms:
Although there are numerous types and purposes, Interactive Forms are primarily used to solicit information from your visitors and/or to allow them a way to request information by providing them with choices to select from and/or the ability to respond to or ask questions.

They can be filled out on line and emailed to the person requiring the information and/or either printed blank, or filled out and printed, to be delivered in some other manner.

Some examples of Interactive Forms are employment applications, quote or information requests, class or seminar registrations, medical history forms, warranty registration/cancellations, etc.

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Internet sales have now become a main revenue stream in overall company sales, and companies new and old are flocking to the Web to sell their products and/or services.

Our e-commerce solutions make the complicated process of setting up your on line store easy.

Shopping Cart Features Include:

Product Search Arrow Flexible report writing capabilities
Arrow Automatic Order Notification Arrow Electronic coupons
Arrow Email confirmation to buyer Arrow Email marketing capabilities
Arrow Multiple carrier, real time shipping rates Arrow Referral tracking
Arrow On line consumer survey Arrow Customer purchase history
Arrow Automatic sales tax calculations Arrow Customizable invoices
Arrow Customizable buyer's agreement Arrow Discount code capabilities
Arrow Real time credit card processing Arrow Gift Registry
Arrow Public or password protected access Arrow Inventory control capabilities

Additionally, you have the ability to allow access to only specified areas of the shopping cart to enable administration while retaining security to sensitive data
via password protection where the user could:

Arrow Add new items Arrow Upload images
Arrow Modify items Arrow View purchased orders & histories
Arrow Delete items Arrow Administer transaction reports

And the best feature of all! - Real time help is just a phone call away.

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Domain Name Purchase:
We can assist you in selecting the ideal domain name (, also referred to as URL (uniform resource locator) for your website.  Once selected, we can economically secure and protect it for as long as you desire.

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Search Engine Registration:
One of the most popular online advertising strategies is registering websites with leading search engines.  We register your website with the free major search engines to further aid in world wide web recognition, which helps drive traffic to your site.

In addition, we analyze and format each page of your website to include strategic meta tags with specific key words and descriptions related to the content of each individual page, all designed to increase the probability of your site coming up at the top of major search engines.

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Website Hosting:
Once your website is developed and ready to go LIVE, we can host it on our high speed server.  Our web server is on a T3 line, enabling hundreds of people to access it at a time without delays.

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Website Promotion:
Depending on your needs and budget, we can aid in the promotion of your website with a wide variety of solutions.

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Website Re-Engineering:
If you currently have a website, but are not satisfied with the appearance or functionality, we can help repair and/or redesign it, turning it into an aesthetically pleasing and useful tool.

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Website Maintenance:
All websites require maintenance.  Just as a magazine always changes it's cover and contents, so should your website, giving visitors a reason to come back.  We provide this service either on a regular basis or as the need arises.

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Audio & Video Web Presentations:
Frequently, a voice and/or video presentation would better tell your story than the printed word or photos.  Our designers and developers can aid you in this process.

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Searchable Databases:
Frequently, the variety and size of the data on your website can require the need for a database to assemble the information in a useable manner.  Our team is experienced and capable in developing an application to make your data a useful tool to your visitors.

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